Alvin Hoffman Meyer

David Yost Designer

David Yost is the mind behind the design of the Flashfire, Wildfire and Starfire. Known in paddling circles as DY, he has the distinction of having nearly 80 of his canoe and kayak designs produced, making him the most prolific designer of human powered watercraft of all time.


He has described his work as “the runaway hobby designing canoes and kayaks for friends” that began in the sixties when he built his own solo marathon racers.  Then in 1973 he designed his first racing canoe, the Minuteman. Soon thereafter he was designing for Sawyer Canoe and then Tubbs, Curtis, Loon Works, Perception, Swift, Bell and Placid Boatworks followed.


David possess an  exceptional ability to translate the desired on-waterexperience for the paddler into the lines and metrics of a design that eventually culminates in a hull that combines the nuances of “sea-kindly-ness” and user comfort.


A student of historical boats and the effect of materials on design, David continues to design for construction in wood strip, wood and fabric, laminated plastic, vacuum forming and roto-molding.


In 2004 the American Canoe Association honored him with their “Legends of Paddlesport Award”, which recognized his contribution to the advancement of the sport. It was his collaboration with Charlie Wilson at Bell that first created the Fire Series and now David will be advising Colden Canoe during the setup and production of these hulls as they are brought back once again.