Alvin Hoffman Meyer

The Boats We Are Offering

The definition of elegance is the combination of the “power to wow” and the ability to move with confidence in a variety of situations. This definition embodies the single blade canoes of the ‘Fire’ series. Flashfire, Wildfire, Starfire.

These classic designs, conceptualized by Charlie Wilson, designed by David Yost and first brought to life by Bell Canoe Works have made an indelible mark on the paddling landscape. Equally comfortable on a wildness trip, a Class 2 river or in a Freestyle class, these versatile hulls offer both the solo and tandem paddler a range of capabilities.

Colden Canoe was established to make this part of the Fire series available again as we have secured the molds for these three canoes:

Flashfire – 13 ft. solo

Wildfire – 14 ft. solo

Starfire – 15 ft. tandem/solo

As of spring, 2011 Colden Canoe is pleased to add the Dragonfly to it's collection.

Previously offered by Curtis Canoe, the Dragonfly, a 14' 6" solo, has been resurrected.







We are pleased to welcome the Nomad to the Colden Canoe Collection, as of spring 2014.

The Nomad is a 15' 4" solo canoe, well known for its agility, speed and tracking.  Love this boat!






Each of these canoes has a proven record for versatility and an avid following of owners and fans. These hulls are crafted using the latest techniques and materials with emphasis on craftsmanship that both we and their owners can be proud of.


Looking Forward 

We continue to refine our building process, and are currently accepting orders for Flashfire, Wildfire, Starfire, Dragonfly and Nomad hulls.