Alvin Hoffman Meyer

One of the best aspects of canoeing as a sport is the people you get to know and hang out with. Launching Colden Canoe has taken that one step further for me as there is a group of people who play an important role in the building of our boats and the business.

This support team, aside from being folks I enjoy hanging out with, all have a passion and commitment to the sport along with experience and skills that they are eager to share.


Charlie Wilson is a canoe builder, a pioneer in the advancement of paddlesport, an avid paddler and outdoor person.

He conceptualized the Fire series with David Yost and has hands on experience of bringing great boats to the market.

Charlie will be consulting on all aspects of the process and offering advice on the business.



David Yost is THE designer of the modern time.

Dave originally designed the Flashfire, Wildfire and Starfire and will be advising me and Charlie during the manufacturing process to ensure our hulls perform as intended.

And who knows what else he may imagine or bring back for Colden in the future.




Laura and Jeff Liebel are long term paddling buddies but also two of the most avid and energetic advocates for canoeing and paddlesport that I know.

On top of that they are recognized experts at helping entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses (their day jobs).

The Liebel's are actively helping with business strategy and marketing, the web site, plus they will be establishing the Colden Canoe Paddle Gatherings – as soon as we figure out what that is – but it’s going to involve instruction, outings and just messing around in boats.

So I certainly hope that the passion and expertise of the Colden Canoe team translates into each and every boat we craft. My goal is that everyone can find as much fun and satisfaction in canoeing as we do – and I trust these boats and the Colden Canoe experience will be a step in that direction.